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Patient Engagement
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Innovative Solutions for Healthcare

Since 1993 HealthBanks has provided a wide range of e-marketing and communication services tailored to the needs of life sciences companies, PBMs, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations. With over 17 years of healthcare industry experience we understand how challenging and complex this market can be and will provide the right solutions for your organization.

Why We're Different

EM EngineTM: Our Education and Marketing Engine (EM EngineTM) is our proprietary software platform capable of delivering tailored marketing and education programs to broad markets - or on a small, targeted basis. The EM EngineTM includes:

  • Patient Education Websites / Micro Sites for consumers and professionals. These sites may reside on your own URL (A-record, etc.), be integrated as "micro-sites" within an existing environment, and are private-labeled for your organization, customers, or partners
  • eNewsletters private-labeled for your organization, customers, or partners and automatically personalized for all end users
  • Education and Marketing Portals for individual organizations

Tailored Programs to Reach Your Audience

  • Patients
  • Physicians
  • Pharmacists
  • Employees
  • Special Services

Experience: All of our work incorporates 17+ years of healthcare industry experience, ensuring you will have the most effective programs possible.

Contact us to find out how the Update for Health system can benefit your organization